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In the 1930s Dr. Edward Bach created a system of 38 remedies to cover the entire spectrum of emotional wellness. Dr. Bach spent his life exploring the use of flowers and plants to bring a simple, natural and gentler approach to emotional balance. He eventually went on to create The Bach Centre in Oxfordshire, England, where he developed the remedies as we know them today.  Dr. Bach also prepared one very special blend that he called Rescue Remedy®.

Rescue Remedy® is blended from five individual Bach flower essences which were specifically chosen for times of difficulty.Rescue Remedy® delivers the emergency remedy formula, a combination of five individual flower remedies, specifically chosen to help combat stress, and create a sense of calm and emotional wellbeing in your everyday life.

For an in-depth personalised consultation with Rashi, a registered practitioner (BFRP) please book a session online.

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